Thursday, April 9, 2015

Creative Sprint Day 9

Open a drawer where you live or work and create something with just the contents.

I have so many awesome drawers in my house but I decided to use my kitchen junk drawer...  I thought it had a lot of potential, but everything in it seemed lackluster.
Don't mind the crumbs.

Pickins were slim and I settled on my kenzan (spikey frog for ikebana), cotton thread, and some linen thread.

The materials...

Then I had GRANDIOSE plans to make an awesome mandala.  After being poked a handful of times and realizing my vision was much more difficult to execute, I started creating a more manageable pattern with the two colors of thread.  The act of creating my design was as therapeutic as creating a mandala, though it is definitely not the image I had in mind when I first started.  I'm okay with it and feel that not all was lost.


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