Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Creative Sprint Day 15

Carry something with you all day, preferably something you've made, and document it in a variety of locations.

It's HUMP DAY for the week AND for this project! Yay, everything is downhill from here.
This pretty much sums up my week so far...

My friend Rachel shared this graph on her facebook feed a few days ago.  As my week became crazier and more stressful, I kept thinking of it and just had to share it.  I'm pregnant, hangry, my husband's deployed, my kid got hurt and now he's sick, and I'm freaking tired= CRANKY.

I had to run to the store to pick up some sick kid essentials today; another thing that makes me cranky is this state's unofficial motto of "California, where you're the only driver on the road".  My husband came up with that shortly after we moved here from Japan (where their motto is "Nice, nice, nice, polite, helpful, kind, nice") and we were ran off the road on an interstate!  So I grumbled "F you, week.  F you, sickness! F you everything that isn't the way I want it to be".  Made a finger flipping the bird, and continued on with my day.

Come along with me, bird finger. (kitchen)

Off we go to the store (driveway)

I didn't get chocolate milk, but I got dark chocolate ice cream bars instead! (on the road)
"Mama, Kai have it, finger?" (in the store parking lot)

See you later parking lot
Fitted with a bobby pin since I'm not walking around with my card case for the rest of the day.
I'm wearing this for the rest of my life!
Lets make tomorrow less cranky, I hate being a Negative Nancy.

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