Saturday, April 25, 2015

Creative Sprint Day 25

Create a game for two or more people to play.

WELL, I can't take full credit for making this game up, because I'm pretty sure many parents have made this or a variation of this game up at some point or another....

In our household we call it "The Quiet Game".  We used to play this with my stepson Sawyer when he was an itty bitty 4 year old.  Now that he's 11 he really hasn't been gullible enough to want to play it for the past few years.  Time to pass the torch on to Kai especially after the afternoon we had!  Kai had a birthday party to attend to, and what started out as a totally fun time with bouncy houses, ball pits, cars, colorful cupcakes, yummy pizza and lots of friends, ended up in a fiery, sugar, and strong will fueled major meltdown.  I can still hear his hollering and crying bouncing around my head. Mama was traumatized and is still stressed out.

So this is how you play "The Quiet Game":

The moderator of the game says "1, 2, 3 Quiet!" and all the participants have to be quiet. The first person to make a noise loses.  This can go on for as many rounds as everyone wants to play.  To make things enjoyable for all, losers are allowed to be the moderator if they want, and the young ones particularly enjoy physically putting their hands over their own mouths during the "Quiet Time".
I also invented a second game at bathtime this evening.  Kai brought home a squirt gun in his party favor bag from the party, and I promised he could play with it during bath time.  ::DING::  That's when the lightbulb went on in my head.  "Let's make bath time educational and fun", I thought.  So I scattered Kai's foam letters & numbers on the walls and had him squirt the letters and numbers that I called out.  "Squirt the Letters" was such a fun way to finish off the day.


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