Monday, November 2, 2009

Lavender Filled Sachet

Today I made a prototype for my organic lavender filled felt sachets. Currently, I'm rethinking shapes and sizes. This one is about 2.5"x4". Ideally, the edges will be pinked into a zig-zag... or if i leave the edges straight a border of bright ric-rac will be sewn around the pouch.

A Trip Down Memory Lane via Old Sketches...

june 2001, charline packs up a suitcase and moves to nyc.
she misses her friends and spends a lot of time thinking about them.
she makes some new ones that she adores;
but she never forgets about all the fun times she had with her old friends
from snowboarding trips to masquerade balls.
I spent some time this afternoon looking through old sketchbooks and journals. There were a lot of illustrations that shocked me, made me laugh, and even made me tear up a little.

Above are some of the sketches from over the years and miles.