Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pots and More Pots

Flower Pot 1 (above)

Flower Pot 2 (Below)

One of my dearest friends Susan organized and hosted a crafts and cocktails event on Saturday.
So I spent a beautiful afternoon sipping Sangria with with lovely ladies and painting flower pots.

I made 2 creations:
Flower pot 1 is a floral design with decidedly interesting broken pottery and buttons.
Flower pot 2 is an illustration of happenings in the sea.

(I'd like to make a notable mention to my friend Danielle for the beautiful azalea who is modeling in the sea-pot.)

Happy Pots

Sunday, May 16, 2010

flower power!

rhododendron and wild rose

A few weeks ago I made a flower arrangement out of hawthorn flowers I found at work, and discovered that they don't smell very nice. Until today, they sat on my airy front porch where they wouldn't offend anyone. After spending the whole morning tinkering about the yard today, I decided to update my vase with my own flowers and channeled some inspiration from my Grandmother in Japan (who is licensed to teach ikebana). Since it is much cooler outside , the flower arrangements last much longer than indoors. It's a cheerful sight to pull up the driveway and see the colors of spring displayed at my home.

happy arranging.