Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Creative Sprint Day 22

Start something, then have someone else complete it.

I ended up doing today's project twice.  After breakfast I did the project with my 2 year old son Kai.  It was a little predictable and I felt bored and unsatisfied with it, but he wasn't interested in coloring or drawing today so I moved on.

I thought and thought and after lunch I came up with this for my sister who is visiting to complete:

 Here are my creations in detail:
scales by char

suburbia by char

up down by char

is it bacterial or viral? by char

stars by char
Here is the completed piece:
Here is how Christine completed the project
Christine's creations in detail:
diamonds by Christine

chrysanthemum by Christine

snail by Christine

tribal? by Christine

squiggles by Christine
Woo hoo, done before nap time is over!

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