Thursday, May 7, 2015

EDiM: 7

An envelope(s)

I stayed true to my desires yesterday after my Day 6 rendering, and I totally went loosey goosey today by doing my sketch in an etegami style.

Part of my reason for picking up these daily creativity and drawing practices has a lot to do with my first pregnancy.  During my first pregnancy, I discovered Etegami and soon after became a part of a beautiful international community of Etegami mail artists.  I received so many sincere and beautiful pieces of artwork many which decorate my home.  During that time I was extremely productive at making art, and creating Etegami was my daily creative practice.  I truly believed that the euphoria from creating and receiving etegami had a lot to do with giving birth to such a happy healthy baby.

I've thought many times that my current pregnancy is just SO DIFFERENT than my first.  Aside from being responsible for an existing little human, I've had so much pain, stress, and discomfort associated with this pregnancy to the point where I started worrying "How is my mental state going to affect baby 2?!  I don't want Rosemary's baby!!".  No worries, I've completely avoided the raw meat cravings.

Fast forward, upon completing the #CreativeSprint 30 day challenge, I learned of the Every Day in May sketch challenge and I'm into my second month of creative euphoria and a considerably less amount of stress.  Thank you Art.  Thank you Rachel!

My envelope today is from an Etegami I recieved from my friend Carole in Australia back in July of 2012. She is an amazing artist, Etegamist, and stamp maker/printer. Here is a link to Carole's blog: origam-me origa-me.  The envelope is decorated with a sock monkey stamp that she carved. I've saved it, like I've saved so many wonderful envelopes, because it's just as much a piece of artwork as the Etegami itself.


Post Script
For those of you who would like to learn about Etegami, check out this informative blog post by one of the leading etegami artists of the world, Dosanko Debbie:
Review of Rules of Etegami by Dosanko Debbie

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