Thursday, May 14, 2015

EDiM: 14

Something you use everyday.

Two things.  My hot water pot and these wonderful little crocheted cotton dish towels that Jeff's grandmother Judy makes for the whole family (the pot is currently sitting on one of the dish towels).

I use AT LEAST a couple dish towels a day.  They're great for cleaning everything, and once used it goes straight into the kitchen towel/cloth napkin bucket to be washed, otherwise they get funky fast....  having toddlers makes for frequent washings as does our very limited paper product usage.

Hot water.  I would die without my hot water pot.  No, seriously, the whole house would burn down.  I've been known to leave the kettle on the stove (while on) a couple of times after getting absorbed in a project or forgetting that I wanted a cup of tea before bed, ask my college roommates.  I'm a fire hazard, we are also a microwave free home, and we are avid tea and coffee drinkers which makes our 3 liter hot water pot VERY handy.


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