Wednesday, May 6, 2015

EDiM: 6

Something with bristles

Now that my husband is back home after a 5 week detachment out to sea, I wanted to commemorate his return by drawing his shaving brush... especially since he was disappointed I didn't use him as my subject for "something hot".  I also decided to stray from my micron pen and watercolor format after a conversation I had with my mom.  She, who happens to be my biggest fan, and I were talking about how a daily practice like EDiM is a good exercise in "going back to the basics".

One of the first skills that I learned that absolutely floored me was when I was taking Drawing 101 at a community college.  Our professor, Bernie Bleha, taught us how to render with pencils without the use of blending tools.  WOW.  My mind was blown.  I loved how crisp and clean pencil renderings looked.  Since the handle of the shaving brush is metal, I thought it would look nice in pencil...  Then I started drawing it in ever changing light.

I might do something loosey goosey for tomorrow's challenge since the length of the toddler's nap time is a variable and not a constant.  The renderings we worked on in that drawing class would take days, if not weeks.  I would have liked more time to lay down more detailed values today, but Kai woke up at a good time and I was ready to put my tools away before the drawing was over worked and beyond the point of no return.



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