Monday, May 25, 2015

EDiM: 25

An apron or something you wear as a cover during messy activities.

I was excited for this prompt because I own many aprons.  The apron I chose to draw is one that my aunt made me (I have a couple she made).  She is a seamstress by trade and when not sewing for members of high society in Japan, she comes up with little projects like this apron she made for me.  

The apron is made out of a lovely yellow cotton with a French print.  There is a snap on terry cloth towel for drying hands, little ones tears, or keeping my ever growing belly dry when washing dishes!  I love it because it is so functional and cute.  There are even 2 pockets, and pockets make just about any wearable thing better. 

The completed page.

I also wanted to share this sweet little poem.  My husband's grandmother (the one who crochets the dish rags) gifted me a beautiful apron at my bridal shower.  She also included this poem which I've kept in the front of my cookbook of family recipes (and marriage advice) that my sister in law put together for me <3 .="" div="" nbsp="">


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