Tuesday, May 19, 2015

EDiM: 19

A cupcake

So, my house has been full of treats since Mothers Day... from 13 mini pastries from Whole Foods, to brownies I made when I hosted toddler art group, and cupcakes from the baby shower my friend threw for me...  I just gave the last cupcake to Kai yesterday without knowing what today's prompt was.  So instead of having Jeff do an emergency run to the store to get me MORE sweets, I decided to draw the absence of cupcakes in my house with this lone empty cupcake wrapper.  I'm ready to detox from my sugar binge.

Since my wrapper was so plain, I decided to go fancy with the lettering.  I found a circus font to mimic on the web because it reminded me of birthday parties, but after penciling it in I noticed it was WAY over to the right of the page... and I didn't want to redo it, so I added a border to take away from the off centering.  I like how it turned out!  Next time I'll draft a line for the letters so they don't end up floating but I don't think it's bad for such a quick go. :)


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