Thursday, April 30, 2015

Creative Sprint Day 30

#CreativeSprint Day 30 Make a trophy or award for yourself for completing #CreativeSprint

I made myself a finisher's medal for completing this 30 day challenge because I found there were a lot of similarities to distance running once starting this challenge.

One of the biggest obstacles in distance running is the mental game, keeping "mentally tough".  Some days were really easy to complete, like when you're at the beginning of a race coasting down a slight hill and you feel like you can run 7 minute miles forEVER. Other days were tough when the thought "How am I going to even get this done today?!" would cloud my head whether it was time constraints or I felt the challenge didn't fit my plans for that day.  I've been there a few times in half marathons at the 7 mile marker fatigued because of poor training thinking "2 more 5K's?! I'm already tired, 2 more 5 K's, how am I going to finish this race?!".  Well in both cases, running and arting,  I was able to regroup, and focus, and get it done.  I think thats what all my running coaches were speaking of when they would talk about "mental toughness".  Anyhow, that's how I'm interpreting it.  I finished this race so I get a medal!

I win!



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