Saturday, April 11, 2015

Creative Sprint Day 11

Make something with (or about) your next meal, before you eat it.

Wow, this assignment was torture.  This is what I did: Think about food... Make it... Do something with it... Don't eat it... Photo document it... finally, eat it. ha.  I made a breakfast burrito stripe.

Tortilla, bacon, gouda, egg scramble, tomato stripes. 
A long time ago, it must have been on her first visit to my new adult life in NYC after graduating from college (circa spring 2002), my mother gave me some sage advice that I try to live by daily.  She said "Charline, you're an artist. Live beautifully, aesthetically.  Use your beautiful dishes, don't 'save' them in your cabinets for 30 years or more like I did.  Use them and make memories, if they break, they break. There will always be more dishes. AND never eat directly out of the pot."

Close up: Stripe.
To this day I'll even put my cheetos in a bowl.

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