Saturday, June 23, 2012

a fruitful walk

I decided to take advantage of the non-rainy day and went for a lovely walk this afternoon; on which I picked up a couple things along the way.  The first flower, is called nejibana.  The botanical name is Spiranthes sinensis, but the Japanese name translates as spiral/screw/twist flower.  I remember close to 25 (Yikes!) years ago my grandmother digging some white ones up from our house in Yokosuka, and they still come up in her yard every year.
Three of my botanical muses.
nejibana envelope
more nejibana
 The other thing I "gathered" is some relative of the strawberry that seems to grow everywhere there is a lawn, and has been growing since the spring into summer.  I don't know whether it's edible, but even if it were the Japanese name for the plant is hebi ichigo which translates as "snake strawberries".  Not very appetizing, but it's still very cute.
hebi ichigo
I also painted my cyclamen that is back in action after taking a 3 month break from blooming!  It has been sitting out on the balcony since April or May after blooming all winter inside my house, and the fresh air, rain, and sunshine must have been just what it needed to recharge!

 Lastly, I could not help myself from doing a couple more splatter cards!

"rainy season"

more splatter fun!

Thankful for the linoleum floors today!
happy healthy summer

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