Saturday, June 30, 2012

A few connections...

I'm happy to share the following links to the websites of friends who have received my etegami that I've posted on The Char Makes.

The first is Carole in Australia's website.  She had an etegami exhibition at a hospital this spring, and extended the invitation to submit work to her etegami community.  I gladly submitted, and was happy to see that my postcard made it!  Carole's Etegami InBox, Hospital Exhibition

The next is the King of Kindness himself, Shungo's website where he displays the etegami he receives: Shungo's Etegami Thank You

The third link is the Etegami Maven, Dosanko Debbie's Mail Art Gallery.  She is the coordinator and leader of our online etegami group, and through her kindness and dedication she makes it possible for many of the solely Japanese and English speaking members to interact with one another.

Following Debbie is my friend Ron who I met through my husband, by happenstance was an artist and introduced Mail Art to me several years ago, hosts ongoing submissions to his residence in Heebee Jeebeeland.  It's always a pleasure to visit Heebee Jeebeeland and even more exciting to receive a message from there!  I've been diligently checking the post box!

Lastly is my new blog dedicated to the mail art that I receive: The Char Gets.  I'm still tweaking the layout and such, but I'm really excited to share the wonderful surprises I find in my post box.


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