Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy busy busy...

After nearly a month of no classes, this week has been quite busy with them!  Monday's Ikebana class was followed by two consecutive days of etegami classes.

The two below are etegami that I made in Chigasaki on Tuesday.  The pink hydrangea says "tsuyu", the word for the "rainy season", which we are just about to enter.
6/12 Hydrangea
The broad bean card says "fudemame" which is a term for someone who writes letters a lot.  The word "mame" means bean also.
6/12 Broad Beans
Yesterday in class, one of the students Mrs. Ito who is 82 years old!!! brought all the other class members these shirt shaped pocket sized tissue covers that her friend had made.  They're made of recycled kimono fabrics.
Pocket sized tissue holder
Today in class, we used a broken chopstick dipped in sumi to draw our etegami.

broken chopstick
I decided to make an etegami of a different tissue holder, to send as a thank you to Mrs. Ito.  The card says "I like this fancy pattern".  Mrs. Ito, though widowed at 55, is still in love and very respectful to her darling. She also likes to accessorize herself and always has a fancy broach, ring, or necklace to show us.  She is active despite her arthritis, along with witty, interesting and open minded despite her age.  Mrs. Ito is a fun lady to know. I feel very grateful to have met her and to be taking a class with her!
6/13 Tissue holder drawn with chopstick
 The second chopstick drawing from class today is this japanese pumpkin or "kabocha".  The words "AMAI" means "sweet".  I love kabocha, it can be eaten so many ways but my favorite are: grilled, pan fried with a warm vinaigrette, tempura, soup, or simmered Japanese style.
6/13 Kabocha drawn with chopstick
 The second activity from class today was to make some splatter post cards.  This was a lot of fun, and as you see I made 4 of them.  I had to stop myself from starting more.
6/13 "AME" - rain 

6/13 "NATSU" - summer 
6/13 "MIZUTAMA" - polka dots

6/13 more splatter 



  1. Hi Charinne !
    Nice ETegami!!!
    「雨」の字手紙が 好きだな~~♪

    いそがしくても がんばってね!

  2. Shungo さん! どうもいつも ほめてくれて! たのしいから やってみてね! じ が もっと じょうずに かけたら いいんだけど...

  3. Better and better Charline!........Say Hi to Mrs Hito (and the other ladies) for me

  4. Oh Carole, On Tuesday we were all showing off to each other and the other students the etegami you sent to us :)!!

  5. Dear Anonymous, What is it you want? If it's an etegami, message me your address and I'll be happy to start an exchange with you!