Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Marks of Spring

Here are a the etegami that I made in class today.  What a wonderful time of the year.  Different kinds of flowers blooming one after another, and fresh veggies starting to make their appearances here and there.  

Class 5/9: Peapod

Class 5/9: Astilbe

Class 5/9: Carnation

In my etegami class, we all refer to our husbands as "darlings".  Shoko Sensei's darling had planted these pea pods, and harvested them for our class this morning!  The Astilbe and Carnations came from a flower shop, but the pink is so cheerful and very fresh and spring like.

xoxo Char


  1. こんにちは
    きょうは たのしかった~♪
    かみなりが おちるか しんぱいで
    ゆっくり できませんでしたが
    また あいましょうね

    えてがみ がんばって!

  2. 私 も とってもたのしかった! 今日 いろんな こと おしえてくれて、いしょに 買いものして、 おせわになりました! どうも ありがとう!