Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tomato & Mango

Here are my latest etegami creations.  I've been setting aside time every week to do some etegami and other drawings, and this is what I created on Monday.  It took all week to get them scanned and ready to post on the blog, but this is a time frame that is much easier for me to live with (compared to my recent 3-12 month turn-around time).

mangoes and tomatoes, all in a day's work...

"yoropiku" it's an inside joke with my auntie

heirloom cherry tomatoes from the la jolla farmer's market

We had some visitors last week and ended up doing a lot of site seeing.  As soon as I saw the first local tourist map, I planned to repurpose them as envelopes once we were done with them.  I got the idea from the members in my Etegami group who make their own envelopes from maps and old calendars. They are so much fun and turned out pretty cute. Can't wait to mail them out! 
san diego map envelopes


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