Monday, July 23, 2012

EDM 4 - Draw a mug or cup

I am what one would call a "tea fanatic".  As you can see, I photographed my mugs on a "tea towel". I am also what one could call a "dish fanatic".  What does this mean?  I like collecting tea cups, mugs, and cup & saucers and have WAY too many to choose from for this challenge.  I don't like collecting "just any" mug or cup.  I love picking and choosing ones that are especially visually/emotionally stimulating to me in some way or another... which means some are sentimental, some are skillfully made, and some are just "good looking". 

The pair from my father in law. They were his mother's.

"despite scratches and cracks, i love it"

Painted by me, with my bff, at one of those "paint your own pottery" studios many years ago.

This is my go to mug that I use almost daily. It was a gift from my german friend Katharina.  Beautiful porcelain, big enough for a hearty cup of tea in the morning, and it keeps my tea hot for quite a long time.

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