Friday, March 16, 2012

Season's Greetings... Spring.

Here are some Etegami that I made in class a few days ago.
Pansy in UW colors.
Stock Flower
My Etegami Sensei bought a little Etegami Starter kit for me over the weekend.  She brought it to class  so that I can keep illustrating/painting at home.  I appreciate her thoughtfulness so much.  The dry wintery air has cracked my "C" Hankou that Sensei made for me last month, so I finished my postcards from class with a new Hankou (signature stamp) that I made today.  It's nice to have my print making tools with me and not in long term storage!

A lovely lady, Carole Marshall, from an online Etegami group that I recently joined is having an exhibition of her Etegami works at a hospital in Australia.  She invited the members of the group to join the exhibition by mailing some spring themed post cards to her.  Today I painted this camellia with my new kit for the exhibition.  It is my first Etegami I've created outside of class. :)
Camellia "Spring has arrived" 
There are signs of spring all over the place, but it's still chilly when the wind blows.  I should get started on that Kabocha soup, pronto!



  1. Not too shabby for your first 'solo flight'!
    It's lovely, looking forward to receiving it in the real world :P
    PS, another lovely blog to bookmark!

  2. Thank you for checking out the blog Carole, and for the opportunity to participate in your exhibition. I've bookmarked yours as well. See you in the post! :)

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Me too.
    xoxo, Char