Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daily Doodle 8/17/11

Happy Birthday to my Mum. She is a smart, strong, kind, firm, smart, funny, wise, smart, beautiful, confident, and sweet woman. Did I mention that she's wicked smart? I adore her. ::imagine concentric cartoon hearts floating out of my eyeballs now::

So many of the things I enjoy are most likely due to her influence. A few of those things that we both love include butter, cheese, dark chocolate, colors, flowers, plants, decorative paper, gardening, problem solving, organizational containers, Audrey Hepburn, stickers, dishes, Marimekko, Anne of Green Gables and red hair, herbs de Provence, ribbon, crafting, mont blanc, stationery, writing utencils, and most profoundly TEA. We've been enjoying tea together for so many years now, I was glad that we got to enjoy some together today.



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