Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daily Doodle 7/26/11 The Absurd

After talking with one of my oldest friends Soozle today, I started thinking of absurd scenarios like grown women in business suits tucked in an old school baby carriage with a "binky" and a "blanky" in tow. What?! Soozle's influence was completely behind my most absurd Daily Doodle from the archives. Going off of the mood I was in after my afternoon chat, I wanted today's doodle to be absurd but the lady in the baby carriage just wasn't happening.

As soon as I saw this video of a Katy Perry cover that Nikki (the co-founder of the Angry Pony series) shared with me, I knew what I had to draw. No, accordions are not absurd, but the video was. So there you have it.


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